about us

Smart Technology, Knowledge, Quality

2 MEESTER BROTHERS and 25 enthusiastic specialists actively engaged in SmartTechnology solutions. Our machinery is highly modern. We are flexible, value transparency, and we are committed to establishing long-term partnerships. Each and every day, we challenge ourselves to continue improving our services. We make every effort to develop smarter solutions and ensure even greater precision, so that we can continue to provide increasingly sophisticated, high-quality products.

We produce precision parts as well as complete assemblies for a range of customers.

PROCESS We engineer, perform CNC milling and turning, and assemble the product until it fully complies with our customers’ wishes.

DIVERSE BRANCHES Our established partners operate within diverse branches such as aviation, robotics, bioscience, the paint industry, and shipbuilding. One thing these companies all have in common is that they place very high demands on the quality of the products we produce. The demands placed on the manufacturing process are equally rigorous, guaranteeing the high quality of future products.

LEIDEN Based in Leiden, we mostly work with Dutch companies that operate on the international market.

PASSION We live to produce exceptional, beautiful precision parts of the highest quality. We love the stories behind every product we provide. Whenever we meet a new client, the first important questions we ask about the product are ‘what, where, and for whom’. Every day, we marvel at the many applications of our products. Much of our clientele operates within niche markets we did not even know existed before we began our collaboration. It is these unique stories that make our work so rewarding.

Smart Technology, Knowledge & Quality